Dignified and Affordable Healthcare for every Indian is a right

Corruption in healthcare sector is not a new concept; it has been playing with a lot of lives. We already knew that health sector is also not untouched with corruption, but do we had any option to raise a voice against it. If no, then we are providing you a platform and all we need is your help and support to aware people about the malpractices in the health sector, so that, no more lives are sacrificed.

We request you all, the victims of corrupt healthcare sector to unite and raise our voice to this extent that it cannot be ignored. It’s time for us to all together take a pledge to stop this corruption and promote health and well-being by spreading awareness and assisting people to secure the most suitable healthcare and support.Join Us

Report Grievances

Report any Issue/Grievance Each one of us has suffered at least once in our lifetime due to the corrupted healthcare services. May be some of us had lost our loved once at the hands of this corrupted health care system. If you also have any grievance regarding the same you can report it here. Report Now


Search the doctors or hospitals that have been reported.

Our Activity

Our mission is to inform and aware the masses regarding the misconducts in the healthcare sector in our country. We create consciousness among the general public about the ‘patients’ rights and duties and helping them to fight for their rights.

The Three ‘A’s we heed are Awareness, Awakening and Assistance


Fight Against Corruption


Awareness is the biggest tool to empower people. Until and unless we are aware of the problems and their root causes, we cannot bring any change. As a patient, we all need to be aware about our rights and responsibilities. Our first commitment is to make each and every citizen our country informed about patients rights.Learn More




Encouraging vigorous participation in the healthcare reforms process, including non-violent protest and campaigns for issues such as hospital conditions, standards of care, patient consent, codes of practice, medical corruption, Drug pricing and confidentialityLearn More


Fight for patient rights

In our own small way, we want to make a difference but we need your support for the same. Unity has power and we can surely make a difference if, we get your support. This is our fight and we have to raise our voices against it.  Learn More

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There is no one I know who can say they DO NOT have a friend or relative who has not suffered at the hands of these CORRUPT hospital and doctors and has not faced the apathy of the system.

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Our Team

AIPRG is started by a group of individual inspired by actual patients who have experienced medical negligence, denials, delays, high out-of-pocket costs and other barriers to quality, affordable health care from healthcare providers.

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