What is AIPRG?

Our Approach

We want you to understand it easily how to resolve the problems and issues that you face with your health care providers and further reach the relevant government agencies, file a complaint and let you avail the proper medical facilities.Our program came into existence because of the inspiration we got from the real life medical negligence experiences and unethical medical practices faced by the people. We tend to extend our network with the national media in order to create a widespread impact among the patients and make them aware about their rights. Our programming involves various activities like Voices of Patients -Speak Up events, Patients awareness drives and System reform –Advocacy with government, etc.


Our Story

All India Patients Rights Group took shape to stand up for the rights of the patients which are being violated in the health industry. Our focus is to preach the rights of the patients and fight for a justified health care facility for them which they need and deserve. We ensure that the reliable patient voice is heard and let them know about the proper access to desired health care facilities.

AIPRG agitates the patients about the dark truth of the health care sector and then fight for them in order to avail them affordable and dignified services across public and private hospitals.


AIPRG believes that standing for each other and uniting patients at large is at the core of empowering patients – and this can best occur online and in-person at local, state, and global conferences, discussions, workshops, webinars and webcasts.

We are committed to directly engaging the patient community, along with physicians, health policy experts and allied healthcare professions to develop realistic, solution-oriented discussions so those impacted with medical challenges will amplify our collective voice and create lasting impact on the future of heath care in India and ultimately, around the world.

Mission/ Objective

The aims/mission of the AIPRG is to improve patients’ experience of healthcare. This mission is carried out by:

  •  Bring the patient’s voice to health care decisions, laws and policies- Develop an advocacy role, and represent the collective identity of its members in the public and political domain. Push for representation in official bodies advising on health policy and care decisions and Providing the patient perspective
  • Vigorous participation in the healthcare reforms process, including non-violent protest. Campaign on issues such as hospital conditions, waiting lists and visiting hours, standards of care, patient consent, codes of practice, medical corruption, Drug pricing
    and confidentiality
  • Inform the general public of the facts about the healthcare system in India. Educate patients about their rights and Duties Encourage innovation that brings hope to patients. Providing platforms on which to engage people in discussion, debate, and investigation of healthcare and medical negligence justice issues
  • Fight for every patient’s right to access the right treatment at the right time Ending the national embarrassment of being the only major country that doesn’t provide healthcare to its people as a right


How can you help?

We request you all,  to unite and raise our voice to this extent that it cannot be ignored. It’s time for us to all together take a pledge to stop this corruption and promote health and well being by awaking and assisting people to secure the most suitable healthcare and support.

Join us for great work!