Lost my mother after physiotherapy

  • Patient Name: Rajesh Singh
  • Patient's Age: 50
  • Location: Aligarh
  • Email ruchisingh.amu@gmail.com
  • Doctor's Name: Ajay Bhutani
  • Doctor's Practo URL (if Any):
  • Hospital(s) Name: Sir Ganga Ram Delhi
  • Hospital Website / URL (if Any):

Case Details:

My mother had spinal cord tumor meningioma grade 1 we were told there is no risk in surgery as patient had only mild pain in her left leg but after surgery she got paralysed with bowel and bladder dysfunction after developed gastrointestinal ulcers but getting recovery but on one Sunday Dr Ajay Bhutani came and took over the case and unnecessarily transfused 2unit of blood even her hb was 9.4 and Just after it send a physiotherapist to give her first ambulation (walking) even he knew well that the patient is on bed from the last two months may have a clot... Doctors were not giving any blood thinners and didn't take any MRI before allowing her to walk.. One more thing he told us for minimal invasive surgery but did laminectomy and on payment sheet charged for some other surgery.. This doctor took money from us both in cabin as well as on billing counter.. Now saying this was a durghatna..

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