Medical Negligence & malpractice

  • Patient Name: Master Yash arora
  • Patient's Age: 10
  • Location: Udham Singh Nagar
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  • Doctor's Name: A.S. Soin & Neelam Mohan & Entire liver transplant team
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  • Hospital(s) Name: Medanta The Medicity Gurgaon
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Case Details:

IPD-1 Deceased Yash arora 1st admitted in Medanta hospital on 27th Oct 10 with complaints of deranged liver enzymes, liver biopsy done which report released on 01st Nov 10 which suggestive of multiple indications for liver transplant e.g. 'Autoimmuien Hepatitis' cum 'Acute Liver Failure' cum 'End Stage Liver Decease' with 'Oesophagus Varies' with 'Portal Hypertension' accordingly there was potential risk of bleeding & dissemination of 'Systemic Sepsis infection' or blood poisoning were ignored by accused. IPD-2 Deceased again admitted on 14th Nov 11 , forwhich the pre transplant evaluation of liver recepient (deceased) & liver donor (mother) was done & finaly liver transplant prescribed on 29th Nov 2010 with estimate of 15 Lakh rupees. Thereafter deceased family met with Mr B.S.Hudda (Ex CM Haryana) who directed to Dr Naresh trehan (MD Medanta) for providing treatment at discounted rates due to worst financial condition of family. Thereafter meanwhile the period (30 Nov 2010 to 16 March 2011) such transplant surgery was kept on hold unethically till March 11 due to waiting partial medical grant sanctioned from Uttarakhand Govt in Dec 10 delayed released in March 11. IPD-3 After releasing of medical grant deceased admitted on 16th March 11 & transplant surgery was done on 17th March, after operate day-7 child was having increasing liver enzymes therefore liver biopsy test was done which report released on 31st March was suggestive of 'Acute Graft Rejection' therefore another tests e.g. CMV DNA Qualitative & USG Doppler were done on 31st March 11 & according to conclusiv results of such tests deceased was suffering from Positive Cytomegalovirus (cmv) infection & early 'Hepatic Artery Thrombosis' was indication of super urgent re liver surgery as per scientific criteria & despite that next day child was prematurely discharged on 1st April in fever before conclusive releasing/assessment of such tests reports. On 04th April 11, Again child was brought to hospital with complaints of high fever increasing liver enzymes therefore to view the possibility of infection some tests were prescribed but refused to readmitted by Dr N. Mohan, whereas she was well to known that post transplant fever is not good sign could be life threatening. IPD-4 Next day on 05th April child was forcefully readmitted by family then finally etiology being suggestive of 'Hepatic Artery Thrombosis' after consideration/verification of report of USG Doppler test done on post transplant day-14 e.g. 31st March 11 , accordingly it was indication for urgent re liver surgery but due to being a discounted patient (deceased) , such urgent re surgery was again kept on hold due to financial clearance, meanwhile he was mistreated with controversial (risk of bleeding) & contraindicated thrombolytic therapy using concomitant administration of dual drugs e.g. Urokinase + Heparin were non approved for pediatric indication & which child safety was not established also as per literature. And the possible adverse effects of such drugs e.g. Thrombectipenia with Thrombosis were pre existing decease of deceased, so such drugs were harmful for deceased. Experimently 3 stents were placed in liver artery after reoccurring of thrombosis on 10th March which also blocked on 15th April as per CT Scan which occurence was misleadingly showed on 19th April after developing of contraindications of re surgery e.g. Systemic Sepsis with 'Ischaemic Necrosis of liver graft injury with hemorrhage' with hemodynamic instability e.g. 'Thrombectopenia' on 19th April 11. After 20 days of occurrence of its indication (e.g. 'Early HAT')the urgent re liver survey was delayed prescribed on 19th April 11 by Dr A.S.Soin when it's contraindicated with issues of Systemic Sepsis was probable complication inherent to delayed re surgery after occurrence of initial symptoms of graft failure e.g.Early HAT GROSS NEGLIGENCE - After re surgery when child was critical having higher doses of immuien suppression drugs , so scientifically he had to be placed in strict isolation for prevention of life threatening infections as it was basic amenity & essential & fundamental for such immunocompromised patients as per AIIMS & ICMR, but for vacating isolation ward for their other rich patients, deceased was forcefully placed in sharing ward with Aghani TB patient & discharged on 16th June 11 , thereafter deceased was started breathing problems & diagnosed with 'Pneumonitis Sepsis' with Suspected of tuberculosis infection (Koch) when readmitted on 21 June vide TB Gold test. Thereafter 24 hours offlabel unethical non registered clinical trial of drug 'Somatostatin' was conducted on 09th July to 12th July 11 for treatment of blood vomiting & portal bleeding & immediately discharged after completion of such trial in unstable conditions. The father of deceased was met to Dr Neelam in OPD on 18th July requested for readmission of deceased but she again refused to readmitted due to financial issues & delayed readmitted on 24th July after deposition of initial amount when he was critical needed dialysis but not allowed by hospital administration due to financial issues. On 30th July his ventilator facility was withdrew when its requirements were so high & declare dead on 3:31 PM on 31st July, he was painfully died due to Cogulopathy bleeding & Septic Shock associated with dissemination of Systemic sepsis associated with delayed prescription of urgent re liver transplant surgery & dissemination of tuberculosis infection occurring since sharing placement with TB patient.

Complaint Details (if Any):

Police Complaint 182-5D 28 July 2014 lodged at PS Sadar Gurgaon followed by F.I.R. No 46/15 by court orders u/s 304A/304 etc against administration & liver transplant team of Medanta hospital. MCI Complaint file no DI/2014/129296 referred to Haryana Medical Council on Nov 2014 but after receiving non responded till the date . NCPCR Delhi complaint 201600001780 under investigation. And complaints also lodged at PMO & CM Haryana & Health minister central & state govt also.